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More than H2O | Waternet

In 1996, Succeeded in photographing, for the first time,

thoughts impregnated in water; demonstrating that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information.

This discovery now makes it possible to photograph the stored frequencies of homeopathic remedies, as well as research the impact of positive and negative thoughts on the fluids of the body.

More than H2O


Internationally recognised for his humanitarian work, and as a pioneer in natural medicine, has received numerous honours and awards from around the world. In 1992, he received the Man of the Year Award from the American Biographical Institute, for his contributions to the science of Complementary Medicine; and the following year he received the World Intellectual Award from the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK. He lectures world-wide on his complementary approach to health problems, and has attended 10 World Congresses of Medicine.

has become a leading authority on blood analysis, based on the methods of Heitan, Legarde, and Bradford. He further developed their technique-known as the HLB Blood Test by developing methods of detecting pre-cancerous conditions and fungal infections via their individual humeral pathologies. In 1996, he succeeded in photographing, for the first time, thoughts impregnated in water, demonstrating that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information. This discovery now makes it possible to photograph the stored frequencies of homeopathic remedies, as well as research the impact of positive and negative thoughts on the fluids of the body.


JD:Would you give us some background on how you got started on your unique study of water?

DS:The whole thing started out after having observed blood for over a decade and discovering that blood cells expressed themselves with a language based on sacred geometry, shape, colour, and harmonious shapes.

I thought that, since blood cells were suspended in water, it might he possible to discover further details in the water itself.

Having studied the relationship between the brain, cells, and emotions, I came to realise that certain trace elements were needed to send information from one area of the brain to another. I knew that minerals alone could not do it, so there had to be something else in between - another medium. My hypothesis was that it could be water itself.

In the early 1990’s, in France, money was made available to research water as an information carrier.

When it was demonstrated that homoeopathically-prepared allopathic drugs had the same effect as the drug itself, the researchers were retired and the research suspended. Their research was then slandered very badly in the scientific journals.

JD:I remember that research coming out in Science magazine, only to be retracted by the editor and then disproved by a team of researchers.

DS:Yes, but many things could not be measured by the instruments used by the scientists who tried to check the research. If you tried to measure with a thermometer how tall you were, for example, it would never work. This is how science often uses the wrong approach in trying to understand things.

Anyway, Einstein put forward the idea that many particulate light bodies, also known as somatids, had some actions not completely understood. The problem was to make these light particles visible so that they could be studied.

JD:Is this similar to the work of Gaston Naessens in Quebec?.

DS:Yes, as well as others.

One night, I woke up and realised what I should do to make them visible. I got up and began working on a fluorescent microscope and realised that a light temperature of 732nm presented the greatest probability of monitoring this particular somatid activity. My interest was to see bow these somatids changed in response to thought and other environmental influences.

What I observed was that, just before the water began to evaporate completely, there were certain formations that began to develop, dependent on the thought or energy atmosphere it had been impregnated with. I observed that this cluster could be modified at will.

However, it was not successful every time, as I was still in the learning stages and was not always sure which were the best light temperatures to use or which polarising filters were necessary to see deeper into those phenomena in order to see the somatids moving.

These light bodies get more intense in the presence of positive thought. These thoughts must be backed up by emotion, the negative or positive quality of which makes a difference.

JD:You have also mentioned faith as being very important.

DS:Faith is actually the starting point, whereas thought is something in the middle. The thought is triggered by something you feel, and what you feel is based upon something you believe. So, in reality, you can deduct what type of faith is behind the whole thought process.

JD:You have also mentioned holy water from different sources.

DS:Holy water is very interesting. I’ve tested it from Canada, USA, Yugoslavia, Russia, Italy, Lourdes, etc. You can see that these light bodies are able to float, even after years of being bottled and sitting on shelves.

This means that there is an ideal balance, with the somatids never touching each other, which gives them the greatest capacity to store information.

JD:Is this similar to what happens with homeopathic remedies?

DS:With homeopathic remedies, the storage of these energy medicines is extremely important. Even fluorescent lighting can deactivate the remedies.

For instance, when purified water purchased in clear plastic bottles which have been exposed to this form of lighting, the lips dry out, becoming chapped and cracked. Normally, drinking water does not dry out the mouth, but fluorescent lighting changes the structure of water, such that it dries out the mucous membranes.

JD:How much and what type of water do you recommend drinking?

DS:Ideally, fresh from a natural unpolluted spring, but also reverse osmosis purified water. There are also filters which remove the negative information or signatures. Geographical symbols are also being used in this way. Testing is ultimately required to determine the benefits of the water prepared in these ways.

JD:What about the salts and other minerals in water?

DS:Salts and other minerals are carriers of the electrochemical information in the water, and there is always a tiny amount of sodium and potassium in water which cannot be removed. This is required to carry out the electrolyte reactions necessary for water to carry information.

Even distilled water absorbs these elements in a homeopathic dosage as soon as it comes into contact with the environment. And even in distilled water we can see clusters, but we are not yet able to determine what trace elements are responsible.

JD:What is levitated water?

DS:Levitated water is interesting because there you get water clusters which are difficult to detect, but carry no information; they are neutral. It is like a blank tape, very useful for preparing homeopathic remedies and other energy medicines, and superior to distilled water in this regard.

JD:How do you think the positive and negative thoughts you have observed imprinted in water relate to health and disease in the human body?

DS:Negative thoughts are like acids - they contract. The moment there is a contraction reaction, the diameter of capillary becomes smaller, the nourishment to the cells is reduced and so is the elimination.

There is a build-up of toxic wastes increasing in a multiplying factor, which results in the character also getting more acid. It cascades at a rate of 2, 4, 8, 16, etc on both sides until, at some point, you cannot think positive thoughts, even if you want to, and a state of depression results.

JD:If someone wants to reverse that process, how can they do it?

DS:Luckily, we have something called 'original nature' which cannot be extinguished, somewhat like the core memory of a computer. In this way, we are all the same. The desire for air, heat, water, and affection, makes us similar, and if I exchanged programs with you, you wouldn't even notice the change.

JD:So is this what we tap into when we meditate or come back to our 'centre'?

DS:Only if it is done with focus.

For example, sunlight can shine on a piece of paper for a hundred years and just change colours, but if it is focused through a lens, the paper bursts into flames within seconds.

So you can burn off negative emotions and feelings when you focus on your original nature. The easiest way to begin is to say, "I address my highest level of Self now."

If the time factor is not clearly stated, nothing happens. This is essential in order for prayer or positive affirmations to have any effect.

JD:How does your study of thoughts, colloids, somatids, and water relate to digestion and assimilation?

DS:The moment you have a firm faith and positive attitude towards whatever comes into your body, you neutralise the negative influences in your food. They are blocked so that they will not affect you.

Gandhi was a good example. He drank water infected with cholera and was never affected. I was in Africa for 14 years and, although stung by malaria-infected mosquitoes, I never developed symptoms because of my positive beliefs and attitudes.

JD:What about the effects of white sugar and other refined foods?

DS:Sugar is very interesting. It is the only source of food for the brain, but not in the form we have created in the past century. Raw cane sugar contains up to 14% trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll, all of which are vital.

In processing, cane sugar is heated with a lime liquor to extract the calcium and sugar, which destroys all the vitamins. Lime, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, calcium hydroxide, and sodium carbon-ate are then all added. This dead mass is then treated with strontium hydroxide and sent to the sugar refinery.

There, it is cleansed with calcium carbonic acid, and dark particles are removed with sulphuric acid and bone charcoal filtration. The final product is then dyed with indanthrene blue or highly toxic ultramarine.

This is what ends up on store shelves as white sugar.

JD:How does this affect people who consume white sugar?

DS:For example, strontium hydroxide is radio active and, the moment you consume it in sugar, the thyroid gland becomes hyperactive and creates in us an impatient manner whereby we develop selective seeing, feeling, and touching, often screening out good influences and letting in negative ones.

It also creates a craving for sweets and starch. Germany has done research indicating that intelligence, measured in terms of the mental capacity to think, reason, memorise, etc, is significantly reduced when white sugar is consumed.

The incidence of sugar-related diseases has risen dramatically as sugar consumption has increased world-wide Also, white sugar has an atomic density of 98.4 - 99.5, which falls exactly in the range of poisons which, normally, one needs special permission to buy. We should only use honey, pure maple syrup, raw cane sugar, etc.

JD:What about the white table salt which is also consumed in vast quantities?

DS:Rock salt is one of the best sources, along with unwashed, unprocessed sea salt. When salt is processed, it reaches a temperature of 6000C and, with the other things added in order to have it flow properly out of a salt shaker, it becomes a toxic substance. It cannot he assimilated and becomes an extra-cellular irritant causing blood pressure problems.

JD:What are your dietary recommendations?

DS:First of all, it is important that the body environment be kept alkaline. Over consumption of meats and other heavy proteins, breads, processed foods, dairy products, etc all make the body fluids acidic.

Acidity is the root cause of all diseases. It is very important to eat the foods native to your climate. Fat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as grains that are not grown with monoculture or fertiliser-based agriculture.

Growing the same fruits and vegetables in the same soil every year leads to mineral deficiencies in the plants. Healthy, whole food contains 50-60 trace elements. Many of our modern foods have only 10-15 minerals.

Dog food in England has over 40 minerals, and laboratory rat food has over 20, but baby formulas have only 11. Children are already deficient because their mothers did not get the necessary nutrition and thus they are always getting sick.

For this reason nutritional supplements are necessary and they must make nutrients available in the intracellular fluids. Most of the synthetic supp1ements do not. For instance, a calcium gluconate with the wrong polarity is not absorbed into the blood stream and 95% ends up in the urine.

Carbonates, oxides, and metallic minerals are not absorbed either. Minerals must be either chelated or in a colloidal form, taken with amino acids for intracellular absorption.