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Alkalise or Die | Waternet


by Dr Theodore A Baroody

In my opinion, distilled water is the only safe water at this time of our earth's toxic exploitation. Yet, I encounter more resistance to the idea of drinking it than to almost any other recommendation for enhancing health.

These are the myths commonly believed:

1. Distilled water leaches valuable minerals out of your body.

2. It leaches minerals out of your brain and softens it.

3. It deprives you of important minerals that you need from spring water.

Why, when I look for even one reputable source about the leaching out of valuable minerals from the body, is it not to be found?

How do you think any researcher would be able to differentiate if chemicals were being leached out of your little toe or your brain? And since every individual has a different level of tissue acid wastes in the system, how can there be consistency on what is excreted?

Only distilled water produces a completely negative ion reaction in the system. And negative ions are alkaline-forming. All other forms of water contain varying amounts of positive (acid-forming) ions.

Tissue acid wastes which lead to an unwholesome death, are positively charged. Distilled water, being negatively charged, draws to it the positively charged waste products and flushes them into the elimination channels.

Dr Carey Reams used the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization for 50 years with astounding success. He used only distilled water. Health was the result.

All other types of water must be compared to this. Is the water you drink closer or further from the ideal of being distilled? Ordinary spring water is excellent if you compare it to a major city's water that has been flushed and recycled at least four times before you drink it. However, it is still below the norm of what is ideal, because of the acid reaction that spring water produces.

For years toxic wastes have been buried in the earth. Our ground water is heavily contaminated. There is evidence of detergents, farm chemicals and even radiation in our spring sources. Factories in all states are dumping toxic wastes that exceed EPA standards, and from my viewpoint, EPA standards are extremely lenient.


It is not advisable to drink city tap water. It is nauseating to see what can be precipitated out of an apparently clear glass of tap water. The chlorine in it breaks down to form chloroform. The flouride is an agricultural waste product. The aluminum, used to make water sparkle, has been linked by reputable researchers to many illnesses, including Alzheimer's disease. And acid water leaches copper and other substances from the pipes as it runs through them.

Fortunately there are still some spring waters that contain wonderful mineral properties which greatly assist re-mineralization of the body. These are usually well-known and well-tested sources. I drink them myself. However, I do not drink water that I am not very sure of.

I am often asked why I recommend liquid trace minerals be added back into the diet, while at the same time recommending distilled water (mineral free). The minerals found in almost all water today are not bio-available. This means that the body does not utilize most of the dissolved colloidal minerals in drinking water. So these become acid-forming tissue wastes. Liquid trace minerals contain at least 84 known minerals. In my opinion, all of them are needed by the body. The sources for these minerals are natural and completely bio-available to the body. Further, they contain no dangerous bacterium which I find in practically all regular sources of water.

Another acceptable alternative to distilled water is called reverse osmosis. However, check the filters often or contamination will result. Untested water puts an extra burden on the body's alkaline reserves and interferes with proper alkaline balance.

The newest concept in drinking water today is alkaline water. There are a number of products claiming to be able to change your water and/or any drink to an alkaline pH. The ones I have tested and feel excited about are:

Electronically-restructured water - Produced through a special unit right at your own sink. This method yields alkaline drinking water and has another facet that I find particularly interesting -- it lowers the millivoltage of the water. This means that the water molecule is re-figured into a lighter, simpler form that is definitely more absorbable in the body. So not only are you getting a more alkaline product, but there is a hertz frequency change that is beneficial. The acid run off water can be used to water your plants or as a disinfectant on the skin. There are companies that produce units that treat the entire house water supply as well.

Based on months of very positive continuous clinical experimentation that I am conducting with hundreds of clients using electronically restructured alkaline water, it is my opinion that this technology will change the way in which all health providers and the public approach their health in the coming years.

Coral Calcium is a product from Okinawa that is added to drinking water. It quickly yields an alkaline result. I like this product not only for its alkaline value, but for its calcium. This form of calcium is highly absorbable by the body. Every cell needs calcium in order to function properly.

Alkalife is in a liquid drop form. It provides a very good alkaline shift in water, particularly distilled water. One of the main advantages in using it is its versatility. It comes in a small dropper bottle, so you can carry it with you during the day and use it in anywhere.

The way to determine how much water you need daily is as follows:

1) Take your weight and divide by 2.

2) Then drink that many ounces per day.

Example :

Weight is 120 pounds, so drink 60 ounces of water per day.

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