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Alkalising Systems

Importance of WATER

4 good reasons to drink IONISED WATER



AGRICULTURE applications

Importance of water


Water sustains all forms of life. More than 70 % of our body weight is water. Water adjusts the body's temperature and assists in digestion. 90% of our blood is water.

Blood circulates throughout the body distributing nutrients and oxygen while collecting wastes and carbon dioxide. Water removes toxins from the body and makes necessary body fluids.

Health authorities recommend that we drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to attain proper hydration, yet most of us are dehydrated and dehydration can lead to great physical impairment and often death.

Dehydration is especially common among men and women over forty years of age.

Why we get sick

Cells produce acidic wastes as they metabolise energy.

A by-product of this process is free radical which is an ordinary oxygen molecule that is an electron short. This free radical attacks healthy cells in an attempt to correct this electrical imbalance.

A lifetime of damage can lead to chronic illness as well as pathological ageing.

Anti-oxidants block this process by contributing electrons to active oxygen molecules thus neutralising their effect on healthy cells.

Introducing Ionised Water

Ionised water is the product of an innovative technology that filters the tap water to remove contaminants, chlorine, organic chemicals, taste and odour.

Next the water enters an electrolysis chamber where it is treated with a precise direct current which divides it into two distinctly different types of water; alkali-ion and acidic-ion.

In the process, the molecular cluster (size) of both types of water is broken down from 10 to 12 molecules per cluster to 4 to 6 molecules.

The resulting water permeates the body quickly and efficiently and also delivers nutrients to the cells.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is not only smaller but also contains more calcium, magnesium and potassium ions.

These naturally occurring water soluble minerals are alkaline by nature, and thus increases the alkalinity (pH) of this water. The alkaline water effectively buffers excess acidity in the body.

Acidic Water Through Ionisation

The secondary water produced by the ionise is acidic and has 3 positive characteristics:-

1. The acidic water is astringent which assists in maintaining and ideal acidic skin.

2. The water effectively cleanses your skin with its bleaching action.

3. The water has antiseptic properties.

4 Good reasons to drink IONISED WATER

1. Ionisation raises the pH of tap water from around 7 to 10 and increases the anti-oxidants in the water. Ionised water acts as a solvent on acidic waste stored in the body and dissolves it to be removed by the blood.

2. Ionisation cuts the size of the water molecules in half. This smaller cluster can penetrate the cellular membranes of the body easier, thus speeding new tissue building and waste removal.

3. Ionisation splits the water molecule into H+ and OH- ions. By drinking the alkaline water, with oxygen rich OH-ions, more oxygen is made available to enrich the blood which can increase one's level of energy and promote quicker healing.

4. The ionised OH-molecules have extra electrons that neutralise destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body and thus allow the natural healing process of the body to predominate and promote health.


Use of Alkaline Water


Although this unit is registered as a medical device in Korea and Japan, it is not currently registered as such in the U.S. Distributors make or guarantee any medical claims.

The results noted cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

In Korea and Japan, diseases other than contagious diseases and wounds are considered to cause by acidification of blood (acidosis).

Systemic acidity is the main enemy we fight in the attempt to stay healthy and prevent ageing.

Acidity causes inflammation, binds oxygen, interferes with enzyme function, causes thickening of the blood and impairs circulation, damages the intestinal flora, favours the growth of fungi (like candida) and mould, and especially irritates the digestive tract as it passes through.

Neutralising this acidity is a stressful job for the body.

Causes of acidosis

1. Excess intake of acid food ( meat, rice, grain, cheese, egg, sugar, seasonings, etc.)

2. Over eating, alcohol, smoking.

3. Air and water pollution, stress etc.

How to drink alkaline water

Drink 1-2 glasses of water before breakfast and before going to sleep. Also drink alkaline water during the day.

Start drinking water with a pH of 8-9 the first week and if no adverse symptom drink 1 to 2 quarts of pH 9-10 alkaline water a day.

Alkaline water is preferably stored in a dark cold place. Keep the water in a glass container or polycarbonate plastic container. Use of ordinary plastic container may result in gas exchange which might contaminate the water. Metallic containers should be avoided.


Alkaline water tends to eliminate waste matters from the body and will result in frequent urination and sweating and the following reactions are common:


Sometimes rashes might appear temporarily if allergic, liver problem or excess medicine intake. This shows weak activity of capillary vessels.

Do not stop the drinking of Alkaline water but dilute alkaline water with 2-3 times of warm water and drink only one glass per day.

Increase the amount when condition improves.


If a person with weak digestion, constipation or abnormal fermentation in stomach drinks alkaline water, he may suffer from diarrhoea for 3-7 days.

This is only a process of cleaning intestines and it usually takes a week before it is back to normal.

Just relax and keep drinking.

Body ache

There are cases where a person with "low" blood circulation may suffer from pain in the whole body for 1-10 days, after a few months drinking.

This is a good sign showing an improved circulation and active capillary vessels.

Do not be alarmed.

Keep drinking.

Health benefits from drinking alkaline water

Superb anti-oxidant

The disarming of free radicals is the second way in which alkaline water works to improve our health. You've probably heard about free radicals - they're mentioned frequently in health articles and in advertising for antioxidant supplements.

Many health researchers point to free radicals as the cause of disease and ageing.

Antioxidants are, therefore, recommended to scavenge free radicals.

Free radicals, although destructive, are produced naturally by our bodies as part of the chemical reactions in cell respiration.

The problem, today, is one of overproduction of free radicals.

In response to an overload of toxic wastes, our bodies produce an abundance of free radicals.

A free radical is an unstable, or active, form of oxygen with an urgent need to find an electron.

They usually rip these electrons from cell membranes. When too many free radicals are produced, they attack the membranes of healthy cells. Over time, the damage shows up as a disease or the signs of ageing.

Flushes out acidic waste

Drinking alkaline water daily, assists the body to flush out the build-up of toxic wastes.

To safely rid the body of stored acidic wastes, the alkaline water must contain, however, the original alkaline minerals that occur naturally in water.

The alkaline water retains those naturally occurring alkaline minerals.

In addition to the alkaline minerals, the alkaline water is rich in oxygen.

Electrolysis separates water molecules into acidic water-positively charged hydrogen ions (H+) and alkaline water-negatively charged hydroxyl ions which have both an oxygen and a hydrogen atom (OH-).

The alkaline water is, therefore, rich in oxygen.

High or low blood pressure

Drinking on an empty stomach or one hour before eating is effective.


Drinking three cups or more of alkaline ion water on an empty stomach is effective.

Improvement in conditions after drinking alkaline water




Poor circulation

Chronic Fatigue

High Blood Pressure

Leg Cramps



Chronic Diarrhoea





Chronic Constipation

Acidic Body Chemistry

Abnormal Gastrointestinal fermentation

Uses in prepared beverages

Tea and coffee

Takes away bitterness of coffee and the astringency of tea, restores unique savoury taste and aroma of any tea.

Fruit juices

Mix alkaline water with calcium enriched orange concentrate and you get a very smooth and healthy drink.

Alcohol and water

Alcohol is an acid. Alcohol and most of the liquids it is usually mixed with are either very acidic or acid forming.

For example, a glass of cola has a pH of 2.2.

It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water with a pH of 10 to neutralise the cola and bring it's pH up to 7.0.2 If you add rum to the cola, the situation gets worse, placing a huge amount of strain on the body's alkaline reserves to neutralise it.

The answer?

Don't ever use cola as a mixer.

Buffer your drinks with alkaline forming substances!

Neutralising the acidity blocks many of the toxic effects of alcohol:

oxygen depletion, liver toxicity, dehydration, blood coagulation and depletion of the alkaline reserve.

You can make ice cubes with the alkaline water and use them in your drinks.

This alkaline water unit is the most effective tool you can have to directly lessen the negative impact of alcohol on your system.

Uses in cooking


The flavour of the food is brought out and the food becomes tenderer.

You can use less seasoning to get the same flavour.


Soak rice in alkaline water for 30-60 minutes prior to cooking.

Steamed rice cooked with alkaline water will be glossy, taste good and will not go bad easily.

Washing, soaking and boiling vegetables

The green colour is brought out because the chlorophyll does not change.

Also removes bitter taste in vegetables such as bamboo shots, taro or brown seaweed.

Cooking beans

Beans only needs to be steeped in alkaline water for a short period of time before cooking.

Liver and red meat

Soak in alkaline ion water for 20-30 minutes to draw out blood and door, softens the meat and improves the taste.

Dry milk

Using alkaline water with dry milk is good for development of the body and formation of skeleton of the baby.




Acid ion water possesses an astringent effect, a disinfecting and sterilising action, and a bleaching action.

Although this unit is registered as a medical device in Korea and Japan, it is not currently registered as such in the U.S.

No medical claims are made.

The results noted cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

Beauty and cosmetic use

Washing face and hair

Acid ion water is an astringent that makes the skin soft and smooth.

It also helps to prevent pimples.


After washing your help rinse with acid water.

It neutralises alkalinity from the soap and makes the hair look glossy.

It protects the hair, prevents hair loss, dandruff, and itching, leaving the hair soft and non-sticky.

After shave

Acid water used after shaving works as a disinfectant and astringent agent and protects the health and beauty of the skin.


Pour 1-2 Gallon of acidic water in your bath and it gives you with the same result as using warm sulphur spring water.

Home Remedies


Do not use antacids. It only postpones the long term problems that arise from improper digestion.

Drink half a cup of warm acid water at the interval of 3-5 minutes until the pain stops.

Replace acid with alkaline water when pain stops.

Gastric, duodenal ulcer

If the body is healthy and working properly, it should produce all of the necessary enzymes in sufficient quantities to ensure proper digestion.

However, many people do not produce enough of these enzymes.

As a result, they often get the common symptoms of indigestion, such as gas, bloating, heartburn and constipation.

Unfortunately, thousands of people take antacids because they have seen the ads on TV that convince them they have too much stomach acid when, in most cases, the reverse is actually true.

Antacids actually slow down or even stop the digestive process and give only temporary relief. Antacids only postpone the long term problems that arise from improper digestion.

It is much more rational to restore the pH balance in the stomach by drinking Acid water.

Drink 1 glass of acid water an hour before and after every meal for 1-20 days.

When there is no symptom for a week go back to drinking alkaline water.


When drinking alkaline water results in diarrhoea, drink up to half a cup of acidic ion water.


Soak or put a compress on the affected area and it will alleviate the pain of burns and hasten recovery.


Relieves pains and accelerates the healing process.

Diabetic ulcers

Soak or put a compress on the affected area and the positively charged water (ORP) will relieve the inflammation.


Having haemorrhoids is directly related to dietary life.

Along with improvement in what you eat and drink, wash the affected area and put a compress 2-3 times a day with warm acid water.

Mouth sores and Toothache

In case of gingivitis rinse mouth with strong acid water for 3-5 minutes.

Throat pain

Gargling with acid water prevents infection by germs including the microbes that cause colds.

Uses in cooking

Vegetables and fruits washed in acid water will keep fresh longer.

Other uses

House cleaning

Use acid water in place of bleach to take away mould, mildew and fungus.

Cut flowers

Acid water of approximately pH 4 is recommended for most cut flowers, it will keep them fresh for weeks.

You may also spray stem and leaves with acid water to keep bugs away.

Dish washing

Rinse your dish clothe and fungal and bacterial growth are stopped, preventing bad smell.

When soaked in the water overnight, a bleaching action is obtained.


Agriculture applications


Alkaline water is used to soak seedlings then after sprouting, slightly acid water of pH 6-7 is used for watering in connection with trace minerals (Utah) in minuscule quantities.

Most plants grow better in slightly acid solutions.

Activated acid water displaces positive charged nutrients from soil particles making nutrients more available to the plant.

The acidic water increases the uptake of nutrients into plant cells.

Activated Water is also more soluble, permeable and hydrating as activating the water reduces the typical clusters of water molecules you would find in tap water of 10-13 to 6-7.

If problems with mildew, mould or fungus occur, acid water of pH 3 or below can be sprayed topically on leaves and stems.

Soaking of the produce after harvesting in pH 3 kills bacteria, fungus and mould and hence keeps the produce fresh for a longer time.

Organic farming

Alkaline water is used to soak seedlings then after sprouting, acid water of pH 6-7 is recommended for watering until the plants are ready to be planted.

Trace minerals are also used (Utah) in minuscule quantities to be administrated before harvesting.

If problems with mildew, mould or fungus occur:- acid water of pH 3 or below can be sprayed topically on leaves and stems.

Cut flowers

Soaking the cut flowers in pH 3 kills bacteria, fungus and mould and hence keeps the flowers fresh for a longer time.

Acid water of approximately pH 4 is recommended for most cut flowers.