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Clean | Drinking Water

A simple Dirt & Sediment filter will remove various solid particles

and will visibly clean the water. However this is usually the first

step of any filtering system.

The next component in the water that people are aware of is the Chlorine. Removal is relatively easy and will be taken out along with other taste and odours with a Carbon Filter. The larger the filter the more completely these unwanted flavours and odours will be adsorbed.

Chlorine free water

However these are just filter the water but do not purify the water. In order for a system to classify as a purifier it must be able to remove bacteria any from a water supply.

Ceramic Filter Cartridges will remove most bacterial contamination.


Fortunately, the water supply in the U.K is usually safe from bacteria, although there has been the very occasional outbreak of Cryptosporidium in the hot summers of the past.

pure clean drinking water