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It does not seem to be clear from the publications I have seen just what ionic and molecular species are in fact generated. Nevertheless, the principle properties derive from the redox potential. The anolyte is strongly oxidising (redox +1120mV), and the catholyte reducing (redox -850).

The anolyte is finding applications as a universal antiseptic and sterilising agent, suitable for drinking water, swimming pools, surgical equipment, etc. One can even drink it quite safely to clear up gut infections without, it seems, upsetting the gut flora.

The catholyte, on the other hand seems to be an ideal water to drink. There is already, due to the work of Vincent, an association between low redox potential and health. The redox of our drinking water is usually much too high - by comparison with that of the best healing spring waters. But the catholyte is reported also to have a much finer cluster structure, which allows it to disseminate more rapidly throughout the body.

Judging, however, by its amazing effects on health, one suspects there is also an energetic component yet to be defined. These waters are in wide use in Russia. Documents put out by the Russian Ministry of Health detail the successful treatment of a wide variety of specific medical conditions (including e.g. chronic gastritis, eczema, hepatitis, leprosy, etc.) - the choice of acolyte or catholyte being made according to the condition.

A large number of agricultural and industrial uses are also described: including cheese making, chicken farming, seed decontamination, etc. These properties do not persist: after a few days one is left with ordinary water. For the anolyte this forms a great advantage over current methods, such as chlorination, in that no polluting reside is left.

Finally, and most interestingly to me, the properties of these waters can be transmitted to plain water through a totally impermeable barrier - even glass or hard plastic. This suggests the presence of some kind of field, which may account for the energetic effects in vivo.

Book Review by Dr Roger Taylor : PHYSICS OF THE ALIVE

(ISBN 1023-24270)

This Russian journal, now in its 5th volume, is concerned with the new biophysics, and applications thereof. A proportion of the articles are in English. All have English abstracts.

With Prof. S.P. Sit'ko, of Kiev, as Editor-in- Chief, it is understandable that many articles are concerned with microwave resonance therapy, in which field he is the leading figure.

Little known in the West, this therapy is widely used in conventional hospitals, etc. in Ukraine and Russia. The journal benefits from the advice of a distinguished international editorial board and, hopefully, will become more international in scope. It can be ordered direct from Prof. Sit'ko, SRC "Vidhuk", 61-B, Volodymyrska St, Kiev 252033, Ukraine. Apparently he is willing to barter it for other journals in this general area.

Electrochemical Activation | Waternet

by Dr Roger Taylor

Book Review by Dr Roger Taylor : PHYSICS OF THE ALIVE


Many creative new technologies are now being generated in Russia. This is the brainchild of Dr Vitold Bakhir. Essentially it involves the passage of a high frequency, high voltage current through water, with a membrane interposed so that certain important ionic and molecular species generated at anode and cathode remain in separate chambers. The waters obtained from each of these, termed "anolyte" and "catholyte" respectively, have some remarkable properties, which are turning out to have a great many applications.