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MINERALS - Key To Life


The structure of all living things, including human beings, is composed of basic elements. These include oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and minerals. Our body combines and uses minerals for all its structures and functions. Minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium play key roles in the formation, feeding, and energy creation of each of the cells of the body.

The body requires that minerals be consumed ongoing to insure the body continues to function and grow new cells to support the structures and functions. Minerals in the Food Supply Humans have always relied on minerals to sustain life. Humans rely on adequate amounts of plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to provide trace minerals and electrolytes.

Animal products, including dairy and meat, also provide minerals, but changes in the diet and less consumption of these foods may contribute to less intake of minerals in the diet. Minerals were once found in healthful levels in both plant and animal foods.

Our early farming techniques preserved the rich source of minerals in the soil. Crop rotation and compost fertilization maintained the nutrient integrity of foods. As our culture moved away from farms to urban living, new techniques in agriculture were developed, relying more on synthetic fertilizers and less on proper soil condition. Over producing in the soil has created a depletion of minerals that is reflected in the mineral content of foods. Even organically produced food can be deficient in minerals.

During this same 100 years, there have been changes in human lifestyle and the environment but the bodily demands for minerals still remains

1992 USDA Report

In 1992 the USDA published a report of its findings on diet and estimated that 500,000 lives a year could be saved simply by getting the Nation to eat the lowest Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins, minerals and energy.

Some of the findings of the report are given below:-

Minerals and Aging

Aging studies show a close tie to mineral content and use in the body. A particularly interesting study explored the possible reasons why several societies around the world had healthy life spans far exceeding those of industrialized societies. The purpose of studying these societies was to consider any possible link between these societies' aging and their foods.

Among the societies studied were the Hunzas of Northern Pakistan, the Vilcabamba tribe from Ecuador and a community living on the island of Okinawa in Japan. The Hunzas, the study noted, routinely had several citizens reaching the age of 135!

Dr Coanda discovered that the secret of longevity of the Hunzas was due to the special physical properties of their water. The people who live in these areas also claim that water is the secret of their long, healthy lives. He found that this 'Hunza-type' water was significantly different from water found anywhere else.

Dr. Coanda told Dr Patrick Flanagan: "Discover the secret of Hunza -type water and you can extend life indefinitely." Dr Flanagan discovered that Hunza water is in many ways just like distilled water. It does not contain the mineral salts found in some mountain springs or in well water. It is devoid of mineral salts.

Hunza water contains trace minerals in a special colloidal form. Colloidal minerals are minerals that are insoluble in water. Colloidal minerals are not ionised into anions and cations like mineral salts.

Although colloidal minerals are very common types of minerals, the colloids in Hunza water are different from ordinary colloids. Colloidal minerals are so tiny that they cannot be seen except with the most powerful microscopes. Instead of being ionised, they are suspended in water by a phenomenon known as "zeta potential".

The Vilcabamba tribe boasts 16 of the 800 people over the age of 100 years of age! The tribe's average cholesterol count is 80 points lower than the US average and heart disease, cancer and diabetes are virtually unknown.

When the researchers looked at the mineral content in the bodies of all participants, they noted an extremely rich source of calcium, magnesium and other significant trace minerals. With the exception of the group of Okinawan Japanese, these communities are from mountainous regions. The study noted that the mineral-rich water used for irrigation and drinking, deriving from glaciers, could be the bond that liked the aging phenomenon, but this did not account for the group from Okinawa.

In studying the water source, the minerals from the glaciers were laden with these life-sustaining minerals. This led to the question of the mineral source in the Japanese. The researchers discovered that the group of Okinawans regularly fertilized their soil with pulverized mineral-rich coral reefs.

The researchers found the common denominator - the high mineral content of all the study cultures must account for their incredible longevity. Later studies confirmed these results and signify the link between minerals and aging.

Since most of us are not able to live in areas enriched with glacier-fed water or reef-fertilized soils, we must look for alternatives to provide the body with highly absorbable minerals.

So what is the answer?

'Earth core' is one possibility. It is a mineral rich volcanic rock dust, ready to apply directly to the soil to remineralise and revitalise the earth with it's original source of minerals. This preparation will keeping feeding the soil slowly for up to 2 YEARS producing strong and mineral rich vegetables, healthy plants and flowers.

'Earth core' rock dust has been shown to balance the pH of the soil reducing excessive acidity or alkalinity. This is due to it's unique properties. Unlike other dressings it is much more than just another additive to the soil. The rock dust has been shown to increase the vitality and fertility of the soil through it's ability to balance positive and negative ionic charges. This increases the colloidal suspension and assimilation of water and minerals by the microscopic organisms which live in the soil and produce the dark rich life giving soil which is needed.

'Earth core' also comes as a very finely crushed powder which can be added to drinking water and supplies a good source of colloidal minerals.

The 'Volcatech Water Energiser' contains a special form of 'earth core' and has been shown by Dr David Schweitzer to very effectively restructure and 'energise' drinking water.

Fossil Coral Minerals

The Fossil Coral Minerals supplement Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the human body, is present in many forms. An appetite form of the mineral protects, strengthens, and bones and teeth.

Ionic calcium, the main form of the mineral found in the bloodstream, binds with various substances to enter into a chemical reaction whenever required by the body. Ionic calcium aids in blood coagulation, heart function, nerve conduction, hormone activity and cellular energy function.

All dietary forms of calcium that are ionised must be converted in gastric activity and absorbed through the intestinal tract. pH is very important in the absorption process. Vitamin D3 is also important for calcium absorption. Humans get this important vitamin from sunlight. If there is an inadequate exposure to the sun, supplementing this vitamin with calcium is a good idea.

Coral minerals contain a rich source of calcium carbonate, perhaps one of the best forms of calcium known for supporting the human structure and function of the body. Coral also contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, and iron - nutrients the body also requires.

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All these nutrients perform valuable service to the body, particularly as it ages. Coral Calcium has been shown, not only to aid in the process of pH balance, but also to provide great amounts of converted ionic calcium for the body's needs. Grown by sunlight and mineral-rich waters, coral calcium provides a great source of the minerals your body needs!

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