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How can we be protected?

One's first thought might be to try to shield the body from such fields. The problem here is that some of the most harmful radiations are now thought to lie in the Extra Low Frequency (brain-wave) region of the spectrum, and these are very hard to shield against. On the other hand the kinds of shields provided with computers and mobile phones are only effective against much higher frequencies.

There now exist, however, a number of devices which are claimed to protect against such fields. This article describes two of these for which the evidence that they work seems to me to be particularly good. Although their exact construction is of course proprietary, it is clear enough that the principles by which they work are well-founded in science - although not understandable in terms of the most conventional physics.

A. TecnoAO Electromagnetic Bioprotection Antenna

This company makes two small devices: one adapted for attachment to a computer screen;

the other for a mobile phone.

Having no battery or electronics, these devices are stated to contain ionic solutions of which the cyclotron resonance

frequencies have been tuned to certain critical frequencies in the human body. These are the frequencies at which computers or mobile phones are most likely to exert their deleterious effects. The effectiveness of these devices is supported by a number of studies done in university departments in France,Germany, Britain and Japan.

For example, Prof D Clements-Croome of Reading University, has recently carried out three double-blind crossover trials among VDU workers. He found an average of 50% improvement in 14 common symptoms, which included headache, sore eyes, mental acuity, fatigue, colds/flu and depression, etc.

In a more objective study on the "sore-eyes" symptom, a Japanese group has been able to measure the corneal injury occurring after 4 hours using a video game, and show that such injury was significantly less in the presence of the TecnoAO.

In studies using mice it was found that exposure to a TV screen reduced the number of both red and white cells in the blood, whereas the TecnoAO gave considerable protection against this effect.

Most impressive, perhaps, are the tests done with chicken embryos. Embryos (including human of course) are known to be extremely sensitive to EM fields. Even so, it comes as something of a shock that, when developing eggs were incubated near a VDU, only about 30% of them hatched. Furthermore, those that did hatch had highly abnormal levels of some hormones and immuno-globulins. But when eggs were incubated near a VDU in the presence of the TecnoAO, the numbers hatching, and hormone and immuno-globulin levels were close to normal.

B. QLink2

This is a small pendant , which is worn around the neck. It is claimed not only to reduce the ill effects of computers, mobile phones, and other known sources of EM fields, but to enhance health generally. Because of this it is recommended to wear the pendant all the time. Like the TecnoAO, its operation depends on recent scientific understanding of subtle energy, but otherwise works on rather different principles.

Rather than being preset to any specific frequencies, it adapts itself over a period of days to the natural frequencies of the wearer. (I don't know how it does this). According to speculations by the biophysicist Dr TM Srinavasan, it brings these into resonance with the same frequencies, selected out of the infinite spectrum of the zero-point field (ZPF). The effect of this is to improve the coherence (or signal/noise ratio) of the body's own vibrations.

The evidence for effectiveness of the QLink is very impressive. Twenty-two volunteers (with no obvious health problems) were used in a study of the balance of acupuncture meridians, using electrical measurements with the Computronix Acupro II system.

It was shown how exposure to an EM field, of the type people are so often exposed to, put these measurements out of balance, and how the balance was restored while wearing the QLink, even while EM field exposure continued. Indeed the balance while the individuals were both exposed to the field and wearing the QLink was better than the baseline condition when they had neither of these.

Another study was done with the new technique of live-blood microscopy. This technique enables one to see that most people, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses, have distorted red and white cells, together with various kinds of debris in the serum.

Four volunteers, none of whom suffered obvious ill health, nevertheless showed some of these pathological blood characteristics. These increased after eight hours exposure to an EM field. After a further three days, during which they both wore the QLink, and continued to have EM field exposure, the blood picture came back to normal - in fact rather better than it was before EM field exposure began.

In a second study, the QLink was found to improve the blood picture in all of another eight volunteers, without any EM field exposure.

In a recent study, Prof William Tiller and Dr Norman Shealy have recorded the EEG from a number of volunteers, who were either:

(a) in their usual state, or

(b) wearing QLink, or

(c) exposed to the EM field, or

(d) exposed to EM field while wearing QLink.

It was shown first how EM fields distorted the EEG, while the QLink alone had no such ill effects, and then how the QLink both restored the pattern of those exposed to the EM field, and even improved the pattern of those who were not so exposed.

Recently I have tested my Kirlian image, either wearing or not wearing the QLink, by means of the CrownTV computerised Kirlian instrument.

The differences in various quantitative parameters were quite remarkable.

Finally, in many testimonials, wearers have reported subjective improvements in well-being, mental clarity and general health.

In addition, there is evidence, using other devices working on the same principle, that the coherence even of physical systems is improved.

For example, with such a device in the vicinity, computer errors were reduced, the sharpness of sound and vision in audio-visual systems were improved, and even the life of batteries was increased.


 A TecnoAO Electromagnetic Bioprotection Antenna

Tecnosphere 1, rue des Maranges, 71150,

Sampigny les Maranges, France Agent in UK:

Donald Stevens,Hill Cottage,

Derringstone Hill, Barham,

Kent, CT4 6QD

Tel: 01227-832262


 B QLink2

QLink99C Talbot Road, London W11 3AT

Tel: 0207-727-4992


 1 Note that of course not all EM fields are harmful.

Amongst beneficial fields are sunlight, and the earth's natural (Schumann) resonance. Moreover, fields from EM therapy instruments can be very beneficial - at least in the short term.

 2 A group has recently been set up with the objectives of investigating these adverse health effects, and bringing them to the attention of all concerned: politicians, health workers, and the general public. This group, called the Electromagnetics and Biocompatibility Association (EMBA) includes scientists, engineers, architects and health workers among its members.

It may be contacted via:

Anne Arnold-Silk

The Bostons, Thorns Close,

Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough,

HP27 0LU

Tel: 01844-275475


 3 Any ion which is free to move, when exposed to a magnetic field of a certain strength (e.g. that of the earth) will be put into vibration only by EM fields of a particular frequency: the cyclotron resonance frequency for the ion in question. The theory behind the TecnoAO is that man-made EM fields become deleterious to health when they contain frequencies which match those of critical ions such as Calcium.

 4 See QLink web-site

 5 W Tiller and N Shealy

Article submitted to:

Journal of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine

 6 I plan an article on the CrownTV for a subsequent edition of Caduceus

 7 See website of the parent company

Clarus Products International

Reproduced from:

Caduceus No. 52, p.39.

38, Russell Terrace, Leamington Spa CV31 1HE0



Electromagnetic Fields | Waternet

Devices which Protect from Harmful Electromagnetic Fields


It has been coming increasingly to public attention (especially since the advent of mobile phones) that health risks can arise from prolonged exposure to certain man-made electromagnetic fields. Indeed it has been known for decades that such fields, even when non-ionising, and very weak, can have deleterious effects on cell cultures and small organisms. But for human beings it has proved difficult to obtain the sort of evidence hich would convince mainstream doctors and scientists.

This is mainly because the effect of these fields on health is quite general. Thus there is no one specific illness which could offer a tidy objective way to measure EM field effects. While a few studies suggest increased rates of some serious illnesses, especially cancer, the weight of current evidence now comes from other measures of stress, such as headaches, sore eyes and mental fatigue in people who, for example, work long hours with computers.

While there are ways to quantify such subjective effects, it is more practicable, and ultimately more convincing, to use more objective methods, such as brain wave recordings. These, and some of the new methods derived from energy medicine, can provide quantitative information almost immediately a person is exposed to a harmful field. Two examples, mentioned below, are based on resistance measurements at acupuncture points, and gas discharge visualisation - which is merely a more general term to cover all methods based on Kirlian photography.